Body piercing

The Ink Station is a fully registered as a body piercing studio, including microdermal piercing (skin divers and dermal anchors).

We now also sell body jewellery too. Piercing is by appointment at the moment but please call to check availability by contacting Sean or Karen at The Ink Station on 07824 399167.

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Tattoo removal

We have specialised laser equipment which is used to remove any unwanted tattoos. Each tattoo removal session costs £30, but please ask about any offers we may have.

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Laser hair removal

IPL laser hair removal is a permanent way to rid yourself of unwanted hair. Prices vary depending on the part of the body we're removing the hair from:

  • Lip / chin : £15 each or £20 for both
  • Underarm: £30
  • Bikini line: £30
  • Half leg (both): £50
  • Back/chest: £50

If you've got hair in other places you want removing, we can quote for that, just ask.

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We also have special offers on from time to time, so please ask us.