The Ink Station is specially designed for your comfort and convenience.

In our relaxed waiting area and reception you can chat to our artists about your designs and browse through our extensive catalogue of completed tattoos and designs to get some inspiration.

We have newly refurbished tattoo studios, which are light and airy and have music available to help you relax. You can even bring along one of our own CDs or IPod to make you feel more at home while having work done.

All our staff have been trained in health and safety and our studios are fully registered for our work with Kirklees Council.

So, when you visit The Ink Station, there really is nothing to worry about as we will make your tattooing experience as pleasant as possible.

Advice on getting a tattoo

Your questions answered

How old do I need to be to get a tattoo?

To be tattooed you must be 18 or over - that's the law. We will ask for ID and we only accept passports and driving licenses or valid photo ID in conjunction with a birth certificate.

If you have found someone willing to tattoo you underage, think about this: if they are willing to disregard the law when it comes to whether or not they can tattoo you, they could be ignoring the licensing laws which include using sterile inks/needles.

What types of tattoo machines do you use?

We use Mickey Sharpz coil machines as well as the latest in Stigma rotary and Dragonfly tattoo machines.

How do you sterilise your equipment?

We have an autoclave machine on site which steam cleans all the equipment at around 120C to ensure safe and sterile tattoo and piercing equipment every time. You can view a copy of the machine's service certificate in the shop.

Are you registered?

The Ink Station is fully registered for tattooing, piercing and tattoo removal with Kirklees Council and you can view a copy of our registration certificate in the shop.

Do I have to make an appointment?

We can be really busy, so it's better that you make an appointment and leave us a deposit so your time is guaranteed. Sometimes we might get short notice cancellations, so we'll have chance to do smaller tattoos at short notice. Please ring for availability or check on our home page for news of cancellations.

We're really friendly, so just give us a call or drop into the shop for a chat if you've got anything else you want to ask.

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